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Emergency Fire Watch / Disaster Services

Security Company in Calgary - Emergency

Disasters can happen to anyone whether they are man made or natural in nature. Most of the time these types of situations are unforeseen and unpredictable.

In the event you are faced with a disaster or emergency type situation we are there to help and can provide emergency security coverage should the need arise.

We provide emergency security coverage for the following But not limited to:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Weather damage
  • Fire watch
  • Fire / intrusion system down
  • Electrical outages
  • Crime scene continuity

It is important to be prepared and have the right team of Professionals protect your assets in your time of need.

Secure Protection Services is a security company in Calgary that specializes in mobile patrol inspections. Please visit us again at if you are looking for a reliable and efficient security company in Calgary and the surrounding areas.



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