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Mobile Patrols

If you do not require an on-site security officer to be stationed at your site location but still want the peace of mind of having security then our mobile patrol services may be what you need. Our mobile patrol services are tailored to your specific needs giving you the value added customer service at a competitive rate. Our highly visible marked mobile patrol units act as an excellent deterrent to would be offenders. To add a competitive edge to our mobile services we have installed laptops in all of our patrol units also known as CAD Computer Aided Dispatch. This allows our mobile and dispatch team to send critical information over an encrypted system, in addition all sensitive information such as alarm codes, client contact information and other critical information is stored on the system giving access to only authorized personnel. In addition we also issue fine related tickets on private property if you require this service.

For more information on this service give us a call for a free assessment and quote.

Industries we serve:

Commercial, Retail, Condominiums, Industrial, Hotels, Construction Industry, Oil & Gas, Vacation Watch and more.

Secure Protection Services is a security company in Calgary that specializes in mobile patrol inspections. Please visit us again at if you are looking for a reliable and efficient security company in Calgary and the surrounding areas.



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