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Do you currently have a security company employed for your business? When you go home at night are you sure the security guard on duty is doing their rounds and ensuring your best interest is being looked after?

Well we have the answer and you will not be questioning what type of service you are getting for what you are paying for as we have proof that your best interest is protected giving you peace of mind with an exceptional service in real time detecting and reporting all events and officer locations.

We are pleased to introduce a new tracking device developed exclusively for Secure Protection Services and Rapid Alarm Response Services called STAT-360 which stands for Safety Tracking Accountability Technology 360 degrees of coverage.

With this in mind you may be asking yourself, “Other security companies offer GPS verified patrols”. Yes this is true and if you contact the security company they may or may not be able to prove that YES there security vehicle showed up on your site.

However once the security patrol vehicle arrived on your site what happened next?

  • Did the security officer get out of his vehicle?
  • Did the security officer go to the rear of the location?
  • Did the security officer check the doors, windows, fence line and gates?
  • Did the security officer do anything?
  • These are valid questions that you as the paying customer will have and who knows what kind of answer they will pull out of a hat to keep you happy and tell you what you want to hear with no additional proof.

    The STAT-360 however will prove whether or not the security officer got out of the vehicle, where he went and what he checked as not only does the STAT-360 GPS our vehicles but our security officers as well which is a huge benefit to us and you the valued customer holding the security officer completely accountable.


    Our on-site security officers can be equipped with the STAT-360 units as well and how this would work is as follows;

    • A detection device called a beacon would be placed at various locations throughout the property, unlike the current devices that some security companies use to scan a strip on the wall indicating they were there. The beacon can be placed in an undisclosed location not known to the security officer and once the security officer is with in proximity of the beacon it would send a report he was there.
    • If the STAT-360 is motionless for a period of time it sends a signal to our dispatch center alerting our dispatchers to check on the security officer, in other words it will alert our on duty dispatcher if a round has not been done for a period of time.
    • The STAT-360 is also equipped with alarms such as a fall detection alarm, a silent alarm going to our dispatch center alerting them of a potential incident which allows them to connect to the STAT-360 and listen in and communicate with the security officer if necessary, an audible alarm sending a priority alarm signal to the dispatch center to send help immediately to the location which is pin pointed on a real time live map.

    With the STAT-360 in place anything questionable can not only be answered but verified.

    STAT-360 UNIT

    With your current provider you need to ask yourself now “what am I paying for”?

    With the STAT-360 in place you will know what you are paying for and can go home And rest easy with the PEACE OF MIND that your site is being protected and if there is anything questionable Or you need verification on something we can provide that to you.

    For more information on the STAT-360 and other services please contact our office at 403-272-3032



    Accountability - Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. This applies to both individual accountability on the part of employees and accountability of the company as a whole.

    Commitment - Committing to great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.

    Integrity - Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.

    Ownership - Taking care of the company and customers as they were one's own.

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